Soda Pop Machine

If you have a workplace with employees then Choice Refreshments can provide a fully serviced soda machine.

  • Choice Refreshments takes care of all your vending needs. We install the vending machines, keep them stocked with the soda and beverage products you want and handle all the service and maintenance.
  • Choice Refreshments provides the highest quality vending machines and vending services that your company deserves.
  • Our vending services are free. No start-up fees...No rental fees...No hassles!

Whether you need a soda pop vending machine for one location or vending services for hundreds of locations, we can tailor a vending management program to meet your needs.

How big are the vending machines?
Choice Refreshments can provide you with different sizes to fit your specific needs.

Choice Refreshments offers vending machines in various sizes that fit most locations. All vending machines are attractive, newer, top-of-the-line-models.

Snack Machine

Choice Refreshments is happy to offer snack vending machines to business and offices.

  • We have the snack vending machine installed for you
  • We keep the snack machine fully stocked with products you want
  • We take care of all service and maintenance issues
  • You benefit by having a free and convenient snack vending machine for yourself, your employees and your customers!

Choice Refreshments can place snack machines with a variety of major brands as well as regional vending products.

Coffee Machine

If you currently have office coffee services or are thinking about obtaining office coffee services, there are a few things to consider.

Are office coffee machines really free? Many coffee companies will provide offices with a “free” office coffee machine in exchange for agreeing to use their coffee service for a certain period of time. Also, many full service coffee companies have minimum order requirements that force organizations to pay a monthly fee to rent the coffee machine if they don’t order the minimum amount of coffee during a given time period.

Choice Refreshments however is a "pay as you go" vendor, the coffee machines are truly free. You only pay for what you use.

Premium nationally recognized brands of coffee as well as a wide variety of teas, hot chocolate, creamers, sugars, sweeteners, and a broad selection of paper products.