Huge Variety Snak Pak Vending Solutions

  • Over 90 items per Snak Pak, ALL process at $1.25, No GST
  • No risk or obligation by store owner, Whatsoever
  • We take care of inventory replenishment and finances
  • New Snak Pak every 10 days for optimal freshness
  • Snak Pak carton is smaller than vending equipment
  • Can be easily stored on top of filing cabinet

There Are No Risks or Burdens To You
We take care of everything. There is no physical involvement or record keeping by you. You sign nothing. We believe in the honesty of employees.

Here's How It Works
It's simple! All we do is place the Snak Pak tray in your location which is convenient for your employees. The tray is then replaced regularly, guaranteeing your freshness.

There Are Benefits
Your employees have a choice of 90 of the finest quality snaks and health foods. Unlike vending machines, they never 'jam' and you always get what you have paid for.

We Need Your Cooperation
...To continue this service, however. Since payment for snacks is ON THE HONOUR SYSTEM it may be tempting for some to 'borrow' from the Snak Pak. Repeated shortages will result in removal of tray. Please pay for what you take.

We Hope You Enjoy This Service