Day in and day out, 25% of all workers leave the office for at least 15 minutes to purchase hot beverages or refreshments. Yet 80% of employees state that a quality refreshment program would make them less likely to leave the workplace and would be a visible daily benefit at work.

The facts are undeniable: quality refreshments at work increase employee satisfaction and drive greater productivity.

Our customers will be the first to tell you that having Choice Refreshments as their refreshment provider makes their job easier and that offering quality workplace refreshments leads to:

  • Employees Feeling Valued – when refreshments are available, employees feel their needs are recognized and respected, leading to increased satisfaction and productivity
  • Total Workplace Satisfaction – an extensive variety of the most popular brands of refreshments, state-of-the-art snack and beverage vending machines, commercial coffee makers and special promotions throughout the year gives energy to any workplace
  • Conveying the Right Image – the ideal breakroom and meeting-room environment for customers and employees leads to better relationships, higher retention and increased revenue potential

Whether you need a beverage dispenser, Snak Pak, vending machines or commercial coffee makers, contact us today and get the value you deserve from your refreshment program.

Why Choose Choice Refreshments?
Our vending machines and our Snak Pak food tray can be placed on your premises under no obligation to you. It provides your employees with convenient access to food with a wide variety. You, as the employer, benefit also because this is a convenience for your employees. They will be away from their work stations for shorter periods of time.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Choice Refreshments will assume all obligations for loses. We take all of the risk.

Who should work with Choice Refreshments?
Any business or organization should consider a vending machine(s) or a Snak Pak. We find the following types of settings ideal:

  • Schools, colleges and training facilities
  • Office buildings and complexes
  • Condos and apartment buildings
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Factory or warehouse facility
  • And many many more....

How much will it cost?
Our vending machines and Snak Paks are FREE. Yes, they don't cost the hosting location anything.

What benefit do I get out of hosting a vending machine or Snak Pak?
A vending machine or Snak Pak are a convenient way for your staff or customers to grab a quick bite without much down time. It's free to you, convenient for them. Talk about a win/win situation.

Where can I place it?
A vending machine usually should be placed in high-traffic areas, where as the Snak Pak can be placed anywhere, even on top of filing cabinets. Break rooms or main hallways are typically ideal locations.

When can I get one?
Call us today and we'll have you set up within 1 week.

Need more information about the benefits of a vending machine or a Snak Pak in your business? Call us to find out more at 403-236-1183.