Choice refreshments is a leader in the refreshments industry and has been in operation for just over 15 years in calgary and currently supplies snack boxes and full service vending to over 1500 clients in calgary.

By thoroughly training and empowering our associates to serve our customers, Choice Refreshments is able to deliver the service you deserve and the products you crave... traditional and healthy snacks.

Our number one priority is fueling your employees, customers and students so they are conveniently satisfied, onsite.

Whether it's helping one of the largest retailers energize its workforce, a college revitalize its student body and faculty members, or a hospital rejuvenate its medical staff working around the clock, our team of professionals at Choice Refreshments supplies all the products to fulfill your refreshment needs.

What makes us unique? There are several factors that truly define who we are and why we are special. Most importantly, Choice Refreshments embraces a core set of values that drive every employee, every operation and every process: quality, expertise and integrity. We hold ourselves accountable to our clients and pay attention to every detail. Our values are an integral part of our unique history.